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Commissioner - Tom Parker
Deputy Commissioner - Jim Kendall
Phone: (248) 644-5556
Email: bvpd@bloomfieldtwp.org

In an effort to increase safety by reducing incidents of speeding on our streets, the Bloomfield Village Police Department has implemented a new radar request program. Residents are our best means of knowing areas of concern. If you observe vehicles travelling at excessive speeds, please feel free to complete the Radar Request Form below to request our officers schedule radar in any area of the Village. After completing, click the submit button and it will be sent to the Village Police Sergeant.

Note: Radar in some areas can best be facilitated with a patrol car parked in a driveway. This is not a requirement for a request; the officers will determine the best radar location.

Radar Request Form
Note: Items in red are required...     
Your Home Address:
Home Or Cell Phone:
Detailed Description Of
The Area Of Concern:
Are You Agreeable To A Village Officer Parking A Police Vehicle In Your Driveway If Necessary?: (This is not essential to set up radar in your requested area)
Other Details Or Comments:

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